September 24, 2005

OOW 2005-Summary

After a dozen of presentations, including my own, some of them were remarkable.

Steven with initially 10 minutes playing SET ( and after that diving into FOR-Loops and BULK-Collects.

Tom with his 12 powerfulst ways using the Oracle DB 10g Rel. 2. (

and Scott in his keynote

The day after the convention I needed some rest. Where can this be done better, than near a little sea with some penguins, a waterfall and in the background some blue high mountains:

Oracle Open World 2005

This year it was my fourth Open World and the third time in the nicest little town of the United States: San Francisco

Larry announced the new life-time-support for all middleware-products. That was a hammer, because I know, what that means for a software-company like Oracle.

Congratulation for this brave statement !

The main topics of the OOW in my mind were:

  • Oracle Fusion
  • Golden future for BPEL

and here's one of Larrys toys down in the moscone center:


... and another blog is online ...

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In the further posts I show examples of codes, discuss about new technologies in the forms-environment and help those of you, who need assistance in developing Forms.

Have a lot of fun with this new blog