January 31, 2013

Behavior of Tab Canvases

The behavior of tab canvases ist very interesting, when your form gets more and more tabpages. Let's say, you have only three pages in your tab canvas. (Width Style Property = Fixed)

Forms automatically renders all three pages in the same size. That's what we expected.

In the next step we create a fourth tab:

If there is not enough space for all page-labels in the same size, then we see a first kind of resizing. All labels are readable. But the size of some pages is reduced.

If we create more tabpages:
At one point the label-text shrinks and some letters were exchanged by dots.

And in the last stage:

The last type of look and feel is, when we get a horizontal scrollbar. Think on this, when you use many tabpages in your form

Have fun