October 26, 2015

Forms 12c installation

My first installation two days ago wasn't stable. So I had to read the certification matrix to see, what's the problem.

Windows 10 was a little bit to new for my first installation.

So I tried today Windows 8 in a virtual machine. And that's it.

The difference to my first installation is, that the Forms Configuration Manager didn't start.

In Windows 8 the Configuration Manager did start without problems. These steps were shown in the Manager:

1) Instance Configuration

You have to set a Form Builder Instance Path. I created a new directory and wrote it into the path

2) Configuration Progress

3) End of Configuration

After the configuration you can work with the Form Builder

Just use it

October 24, 2015

Forms 12c launched this night

Some hours ago Oracle launched the new release of Oracle Forms.

And here are my first steps installing the new Forms 12c.

The OS, in which I tried the installation was a VMware with Windows 10 on my iMac.

 1) Welcome

2) Updates

3) Destination

4) Installation-Type

5) Prerequisites

6) Security Updates

7) Summary

8) The End

After the installation: My first start of the new Forms

More about it in the next days.

Have fun with Forms 12c