April 19, 2011

SQL Developer 3.0 includes Data Modeler

The new version of the SQL Developer is a big step. The data modeler is now integrated part of the toolset!

The first screenshot shows the differences between the new and old object navigator:

New topics are :
- Editioning Views
- Crossedition-Trigger
- Scheduler

A little enhancement in the user interface is for example the Close-Button in the tabs. They are permanent visible, not like in the old version, where you had to do a mouse-over, to see, where the buttons are.

The tables are automatically filtered, so that the recycle bin is excluded.

In the menus are new menuitems for the data-modeler and the new data-mining:

To start data modeling you didn't have to start another tool like in version 2.1. Only click on View->Data Modeler->Browser and start working.

You can open an existing model through File->Data Modeler->Open or create a new model from scratch via import from the data dictionary. Models are stored in their own directory plus a configuration-file with the extension DMD.

My next tests will be:
- generating scripts
- creating packages and sourcecodes in the data modeler

I hope, that all of these topics are big steps too!