May 29, 2009

And the winners are:

In adaption of Grants Posting I copy here a list of the 5 best Oracle Forms Java Beans of the April 2009 Contest:

18,8% Md. Mehbub Islam: Scanner Bean
17,5% Hafed Benteftifa: FRITE (Forms Rich Text HTML Editor)
17,5% Vijaynath Nair: Autocad Integration Bean
16,2% Francois Degrelle: Carousel Bean
16,2% Lionel Lasserre: Planning Bean

If you have a minute then use this links and see the astonishing beans they have created.

It's phantastic to see, that all of this run in Oracle Forms and much more. So you can modernize your application so easily and you have to integrate only some little Java Beans.

Thanks to all of those, who attend at the contest