November 06, 2006

OOW Summary

Here you see the Howard-Street, during the OOW 2006. The whole street was one big tent:

Regis Louis and his overview about JDeveloper 11g was very refreshing, because the toolset is the center of Oracles new Fusion-Technology.

Steven Feuerstein discused in his presentations new ways to create exception-handling in PL/SQL and how to use a professionell unit-testing-software like utPLSQL.

Very interesting was his announcement, that he will publish a new application named Quest Code Tester, which helps you creating test-cases for automated PL/SQL-unittests. Production Releases are available in 6 months. This is the link to the new homepage for all tools around those new applications:

Bryn Llewellyn (creator of PL/SQL) showed us in his "Meet the Guru"-hour the new features of the Oracle Database 11.

The most powerful new topic is the "edition". This means that you can create a complete new version of a package / view / table. With an easy "alter system set edition = ..." you change to different versions.

e.g. when you have a set of new packages and want test them on the production-db. So you create the new packages in a new "edition". After that you can change the usage of the two versions online while the database is running. Testing the new packages and reseting to the old ones is done in seconds !

These were some of the most interesting news of the Oracle Open World