August 31, 2009

Forms Debugger - hidden Feature

The Forms 10g debugger is much better than the Forms 6i debugger. He is completly new written and has the ability to debug remote. So you can look into a running session of an user and search for errors. This is in the new web-environments a powerful method to find problems.

And that's only one aspect of the new debugger.

The debugger works in two different modes: The stop-mode is well-known, because you can use there all functions of the debugger. He is active, while you investigate the code. You can work in this work, through a breakpoint e.g.

The run-mode is the other one. He can be found only, while the form is running in the foreground.

And at that point you can press the break-button, which is one of the most interesting features in the debugger. It creates a breakpoint dynamically in the next line of code, which will be executed.

So, if you press the button, nothing happens. If you then return from the Forms Builder back to the runform, the next event in the form starts the debugging-process. And then the debugger shows you the first line of code in that trigger, which will be executed next. So you don't have to think to much, where to set breakpoints and so on... just use the break-button.

That's my tip of the day