July 21, 2008

Finding all Items in the layout-editor at once

To find all items, which are displayed in the layout editor at once in the Object Navigator, press Ctrl+A, for select All.

After the Ctrl+A you have all Objects marked in the Tree:

have fun

July 02, 2008

New Oracle Designer ?

I can't believe it...

Oracle SQL-Developer is announcing modeling-support in an upcoming release.

Here are the top features:

Database Data Modeling to support:

* Designing logical Entity Relation Diagrams
* Building physical schema designs
* Generating and executing DDL scripts
* Reverse and forward engineering of existing relational data structures
* Data domain administration
* Naming standardization
* Model formatting (font, colors)
* Importing data models from CA Erwin and Oracle Designer
* Compare and merge facilities
* Multiple database support
o Oracle Database
o DB2 (Mainframe & UDB)
o Microsoft SQL Server
* Logical and physical multi-dimensional modeling
* Object relational Data Types
* Spatial Modeling
* Multi-level logical and physical design environments
* Model validation rules
* Offline (file based) and Repository based modeling

what a wonderful news. The old designer is not the best choice today, since it got the codefreeze years ago.

July 01, 2008

Talk2Gerd in a new Look

Those of you with sharp eyes can see the golden gate bridge to the left. I shot the picture Sept. 2005, Shorebird Park, Oakland.