June 29, 2009

Disabling a Trigger

If you have a trigger and you want to quickly disable him, then just use the "_"-technique :

In this case we have a Key-Create-Record-Trigger which should be disabled. Rename the "-" to "_" in the name of the trigger and from that point on the trigger is a user-named-trigger, which won't fire through an event.

Important: You can't rename the trigger to "KEY-CREREC2" or something else. The hyphen is in forms reserved for event-triggers.

To activate the trigger rename it back to "-" and that's all.

Have fun

June 18, 2009

AdSense test finished

These two weeks with Googles AdSense were very interesting. You see each day your income in thousands of dollars (oh, I mean cents... and not thousands :-) ) and there are many tools to show up reports, when somewhere clicked on the Ads, and so on...

But, as I said, this is only a short test for myself and from now on the blog is Ads-Free, as before :-)

have fun

June 04, 2009

AdSense in my blog (only for a short time)

Today I found a new tab on the blogger-UI of this google-blog. It's named "Monetize" and so they want, that all the bloggers think, they get rich, when they start Google's AdSense program. I know, that I not get rich, because I didn't have 2 million clicks the day :-)

But I start this AdSense for a while to get infos about this technique and how Google implemented the Ads into the blogs.

Please don't think, that I want to nerve you. My blog will go on and after the test I give you a little feedback, how this Ads work and how they have impact on the user-frequency.

Let's start the test!