July 24, 2006

Creating a Forms Framework

Since more than 10 years I'm working with Oracle Forms and deal with the question: How to work efficient with a 4 GL like Forms.

It's very easy to create a form and run it. But it's not that easy to create big applications with hundreds of forms and not to invite the wheel every day.

So you have to invite the wheel once and use it in all forms-applications that have to be developed. The best way is to :

- create a style guide for your application
- define reference-forms and templates for your developers
- build prototypes with your framework

That sounds easy and it is easy, if you have a lot of experience and know, how to work with forms.

Here is the link to my new sourceforge-project, where I publish the sources for this framework, the guidlines to work with the framework and more...


Some topics of the style guide are
- exception handling
- dynamic message handling
- access right for forms and special functions
- dynamic menues for the start-application
- PL/SQL-libraries


Anonymous said...

no form framework in the sourceforge project !

Gerd Volberg said...

Thats correct. It wasn't as easy as I thought first. So I started over my sourceforge-project in google.


It's unbelievable, how easy the GUI in Google is !