December 11, 2007

DOAG Top News: Forms 11g

The German Oracle User Group (DOAG) has launched a little Forms 11g note from me as their actual Top News.

I wrote some lines about the new features of Forms 11g and the huge capabilities in the new SOA world of tomorrow. Here is the translation:

Forms 11g unterwegs in Richtung SOA : Forms 11g's direction to SOA

After 6 years is this the first Forms Version which integrates new features into the Forms Builder. The two new important features found are:

The first one is the communication between the database and Forms via Advanced Queuing. There is a new object-typ called Event, who communicates with a queue. New data in a Queue starts an event-trigger, which runs in Forms.

The second highlight is the Javascript-API. HTML-pages can exchange data with Forms via Javascript. In the old days you could do this only using java applets. With the new technique you have WHEN-CUSTOM-JAVASCRIPT-EVENT-trigger which can be used from the developer. The communication runs in both directions and it's possible to change data in the HTML-page through Forms via Javascript

Those two new techniques are indications, that Oracle Forms is ready for the future. It is one of the main SOA-parts of the new Oracle Fusion Middleware 11g.

Additional information to Forms 11g can be found in the German Forms Community

Thanks to DOAG

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