January 11, 2008

Hotkey F1 in Forms 10g

Since Forms 10g we have problems with F1. He doesn't work like in the older versions.

The Key-Mapping for KEY-HELP e.g. is now Ctrl+H instead of the good old F1.

If you want to have it work like in Forms 6i, then you can change the fmrweb.res:

The internal ID of F1 is 112, the ID of KEY-HELP-Trigger is 30:

113 : 0 : "F2" : 95 : "List Tab Pages"
112 : 0 : "F1" : 30 : "Help"
72 : 2 : "Ctrl+H" : 30 : "Help"

have fun


Francois said...

Hi Gerd,
How about coming to take place at the new Oracle Community site ?

Anonymous said...

Hi Gred,

I am trying to migrate 4.5 CUI forms to 10g..The application requires to keymap "INS" key . Kindly let know what would be the java function number


Gerd Volberg said...

best way for such questions is the OTN-Forms-Forum: http://forums.oracle.com/forums/forum.jspa?forumID=82

I didn't know actually the function number for INS.