April 14, 2008

Forms 11g - Poll

After writing the last posts about Forms 11g, I'm very interested in getting your opinion, which of this new features is so important, that you directly include it into your daily work.

And: What other feature do you really need in the next patches and releases?

Please write them as comments to this post.



f.degrelle said...

- Add more properties to the Set_Item_Instance_Property() built-in
(like, ENABLED, for instance).
- Let the user choose if he want to use the mouse triggers, like When_Mouse_Enter and When_Mouse_Exited
- stop degrading images when using the Client_Read_Image_File() built-in

wilfred said...

Hi Gerd,

Well for me that's an easy question; the JavaScript API by far. It allows you to truly integrate the Oracle Forms applet with the surrounding web page/application. This allows for hybrid applications consisting of both your existing Forms and newly build web pages. You can pass context, parameters, and events between the two environments.

For me, this is THE solution for most Forms customers wanting to move forward. In the past, moving to a J2EE or other web technology stack would basically mean a complete rewrite of your Forms application or you could try to convert it with some of the tools out there. Most of the time, these conversions prove to be very time consuming, resource intensive, and risky.

With the JavaScript API you can embed existing forms in a web application and then slowly migrate away from Oracle Forms in your own pace. What's there to stop you to create a 200 page web application containing your 200 existing Forms. Then over time replace pages that embed a Form with true web pages whenever there is a business need to do so.

Forgive me for this shameless plug, but it just happens that I've create a component library that does this for you. It's called OraFormsFaces and you can find it at http://www.commit-consulting.com/oraformsfaces. It offers a number of JSF components and enhancements to the Forms applet to do some amazing integration stuff. The best thing is works with the JavaScript API of Forms 11g, but it also adds the same JavaScript capabilities to existing Forms versions.

sanil g said...

yep as f.degrelle said it ll be very help full if u add up more property in Set_Item_Instance_Property
n also it ll be help full if u add property to oprtion button say if i have a n number of buttons n i want to change properties of those button then i can use for loop to chhange buttons property.I know one hidden property is available for this purpose.
code completer like in plsql developer.

Ata said...

Hi Gred,

I am not sure whether these items already covered. If not then it could be better if we have below items in the upcoming Forms 11g release.

( 1 ). Forms session timeout activity as a buit-in or as a default bean item that should be added by default when a new form is being created. We do have indirect ways to perform these activity at Application Server level using "heartbeat" and "FORMS_TIMEOUT" (or) using a PJC provided with Forms Demos by Duncan Mills. PJC has some bugs when used with "separateFrame=True". So there is no concreate solution for this. Instead it would be nice to have a built-in from forms or an object which we create from Object Navigator.

( 2 ). Allow the functionality of Go_XXXX buit-ins in When-Validate-Item trigger.

( 3 ). As we all knew about Francois, the way he gives various pjc which has helped alot and time saving for our development activities. I would recollect one of his PJC pertaining to Swing JTable. Instead of taking that bean and doing a small piece of code in forms, could we have something similar by default with Oracle Forms functionality?

( 4 ). Could we also have a drag-&-drop feature in Forms Tree structure? Also drag-&-drop functionality between text & display items.