June 19, 2008

Compile or Compile All ?

What is the best way to compile a form? Before I answer this question here are some explanations:

Compile Incremental : Ctrl + K
Compile All : Shift + Ctrl + K
Compile Module (Generate): Ctrl + T
Run : Ctrl + R

In the older versions of Forms the Compile Module was known as Generate. I prefer this, because the Ctrl+T generates the FMX.

During my daily work I open forms and maintain them. If I use the Ctrl+T to generate the FMX, then Oracle Forms starts implicitly a Compile Incremental before the Generate.

And that's the problem. In 9 of 10 cases the generated FMX is OK, but sometimes the automatical Compile Incremental didn't work properly. It results in non-reproducable errors at runtime.

My solution for this problem is:

After opening a form I start immediately a Compile All. Each Incremental Compile and each Generate now works without runtime-problems.

Try it

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