June 04, 2009

AdSense in my blog (only for a short time)

Today I found a new tab on the blogger-UI of this google-blog. It's named "Monetize" and so they want, that all the bloggers think, they get rich, when they start Google's AdSense program. I know, that I not get rich, because I didn't have 2 million clicks the day :-)

But I start this AdSense for a while to get infos about this technique and how Google implemented the Ads into the blogs.

Please don't think, that I want to nerve you. My blog will go on and after the test I give you a little feedback, how this Ads work and how they have impact on the user-frequency.

Let's start the test!


Laurent Schneider said...

I tried this too a long time ago. I did earn $10 in two months (first month $9, second month $1). You will not get paid before 100$. And if you refuse to put aggressive banners in front of the page (instead of your valuable blog content), you will not be rich! Sorry ;-)

Gerd Volberg said...

Hey, that's cool. So I'm a millionaire in roundabout 10.000 years :-)