October 19, 2009

Blogging via Google Wave - First Test through email

Google wave is cool. Each day I find new things in this platform.

And now is the time to test the connectivity between google wave and my blog.

In this first test I write an automated email to the blogger-account. And the second test afterwards is from within the wave

I need luck


Srinivas Malyala said...

Hi Gerd,

Thats really cool,

Can you please tell me how to integrate wave and blog, I have tried adding blog-wave@appspot.com into my contacts, some how its not working.


Gerd Volberg said...

I tried that too, but no effect. That's why I didn't wrote the second posting, where I wanted to tell, how to do it.

The first test was only through a normal email without using the wave.

I think the functionality is actually disabled or shutdown, because they showed a testcase in their videos...