April 07, 2010

Migrate your charset to UTF8, step 2

Now, after changing the NLS to UTF8 we may have problems with hotkeys.

That's because the nls-change to UTF8 will now use a different resource-file. Instead of fmrweb.res the fmrweb_utf8.res is used. The resource-files are located in the forms-home-directory.

If you have used "term" in your formsweb.cfg - otherparams, then you point hardcoded to a specified file. Here you have to change the value of the parameter or you have to exchange the content of the file.

e.g. changing the value of the parameter:
old: otherParams=term=\fmrweb.res
new: otherParams=term=\fmrweb_utf8.res

After this changes you can use the same hotkeys like before

To be continued with Migrate your charset to UTF8, step 3

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