June 09, 2010

I just submitted "Forms 11g and the iPhone" for the DOAG Conference 2010

In some weeks the Call for Papers for the German Oracle User Group (DOAG) Conference 2010 ends.

My plan is to hold a presentation about Forms 11g and the iPhone.

The main topic of the presentation is, how you can extract modules from big Oracle Forms Applications and recreate them in a mobile version on the iPhone.

The presentation-testcase shows, how much more efficient it is to have a time-reporting on your mobile device versus the old technique, where this app was part of a big legacy application.

Another topic is to show, how you can communicate bidirectional between Forms 11g and the iPhone App. Using Advanced Queueing in Forms and Push Notifications in the App is the solution.

5 months to go and I hope I get a slot in the conference.


François said...

Really interesting Gerd. I am impatient to see ;-)

Frank said...

Good luck Gerd. The Conference in the Moscone-Center ist always good for a trip. The article sounds interesting.


Gerd Volberg said...

Hi Frank,
oh no ! I just tried it, but the CfP is closed :-(
that's bad. Maybe in 2011.

@Francois: I'm impatient too!

Racheli :) said...

Hi Gerd,

Did you succeed extracting modules from Forms apps and recreating them in a iphone? How was it done?

Any chance that you have a presentation explaining how it can be done?

Thanks, Rachel

Gerd Volberg said...

I recreated functionality from forms in Objective C, which is the origin iPhone-language. Then I communicated from my iPhone via XML and a webservice to the database. There I used AQ's to refresh data in a Forms 11g environment.