January 11, 2011

The future of Oracle Forms

In the last days of 2010 the German Oracle User Group asked me to write an article for the april edition of their magazin.

First I thought, that I write a normal deep technique article like all the others in the last years.

But then I reconsidered and found a better topic: "The future of Oracle Forms"

This article has two main parts. The first one gives an outlook, what Oracle integrates in the new Oracle Forms 12 release and the second part is result of a german wide poll, which I start this week.

The poll should give us an overview, what the german forms developer think about their development tool, which version they actually use, how long they work with Forms and what they think about the future of Oracle Forms

I'm very interested in the results of this poll


Anonymous said...

Interesting topic, I was wondering what the chances are of the article turning up in an English language magazine?

Gerd Volberg said...

First, the article will be published in the DOAG News April 2011, germanys oracle user group news publication. What kind of magazine did you think about?

Anonymous said...

Appologies for not spotting your question earlier.

I would have sugested the IOUG Select magazine or even more convinient for me in the UK, the UKOUG OracleScene magazine.

vishal said...

Hello Sir,
i want to install oracle 11g forms and reports on fedora...is it possible to install? if yes then wht r the steps for it...
n another query is My OEM is getting crashed frequently....MSVCR71.dll is faulty module.. my os is windows server 2008 32 bit

Gerd Volberg said...

the best community for those questions is http://forums.oracle.com/forums/forum.jspa?forumID=598 try it

Mia said...

Although this thread has not been updated in a while, we finally got a GREAT presentation from Oracle about the future of oracle forms.
Its called "The Future of Oracle Forms is .... FORMS"
I suggest everyone check it out


P.S I'd also love to see the results of the German poll