March 08, 2017

Oracle Forms and Firefox 52

This morning was the last day for Oracle Forms in Firefox, I thought...

At 9:00 AM I had no problems starting my Forms-Runtime. Firefox 51.0 was the actual version at that point.

After lunch and restarting my Firefox I was running 52.0 with the new feature "no JAVA please" :-)

Very bad is, that firefox didn't give you any hint, when starting a Forms-URL. The only thing you see is an empty screen.

If you have this problem, here is the workaround:

Start the URL "about:config" in your Firefox. After the message, that from now on you are responsible for all things you are doing in the settings, you see all Firefox config-parameters.

Here you have to right mouse click and use "New"-"Boolean"

The name of the new parameter is: plugin.load_flash_only
The value of the new parameter is: false

Now you have a new Firefox-parameter, which lets you run Oracle Forms as before!

Have fun


Igor Bursin said...

This is a bad advice for security reason. With Firefox 53, the ability to restore NPAPI plugin support will be removed completely. The better solution will be update and use Mozilla Firefox ESR (extended support release).

Best regards, Igor Bursin.

Unknown said...

Thanks for the workaround!

techportworld said...


it works...!!

Vũ Thanh Phong said...


Unknown said...



awm-paf said...

The Workaround was fine until Firefox Version 55.0.3.
But now the solution no longer works.
Any news on how to reenable Forms in Firefox V55.0.3?

Marcelo Senger said...

Works yet ?

Gerd Volberg said...

The lifecycle of the workaround is now at his end. There is actually no chance to work with the plugin with the latest Firefox-version.