August 01, 2007

Oracle Certified Trainer

Since last Friday I'm an Oracle Certified Trainer. It is the precondition to work for Oracle University.


Friedhold Matz said...

Congratulations, Gerd !

I hope the best for Forms & PL/SQL ;-)


Rosario Vigilante said...

My five cent:

I hope is correct, in Germany language: Uber Alles, Gerd!!

My congratulations

Rosario Vigilante

Jacquie said...

Gerd, what is the process to become certified?


Gerd Volberg said...

In my case it was easy. My company (OPITZ CONSULTING) is part of the Oracle University since 2007 and so we can register our employees as trainers.

After that you have three steps: Hear the class, hold the class in an Oracle Training-Center and get the certificate from an Oracle Trainer, which attends there too.