August 24, 2007

Oracle Fusion Middleware 11g Beta Test - Last Day

Today was the last Day of the Beta-Test. After the last testings started the big Feedback-Session in Oracle's Conference Center.

All customers which tested this week and fifty Oracle experts came together, plus dozens through a Web-Conference. In the next 3 hours all products of the Fusion Middleware-Stack got feedback from us. The only tester for Oracle Forms (myself) gave this feedback to Oracle:

First of all: Forms is a really big platform in germany and this Beta 2 program showed us in the last days the first Oracle Forms, which has new functionality in the Forms Builder itself.

After that I described the new features and how important they are for the Forms Community.

In the end I had time to explain, which functionality I personally wish to have in the Forms Builder :

* an object called Web-Service at form-level
* the integration of BI-Beans
* and most important: a new PL/SQL-Editor

That was my statement and now I have to thank Oracle for the invitation to this event, Duncan and his group for the best support that you can have in such a week. It was fantastic to have the chance to work with such profis.

And the last thanks went to Rolf (my boss) who sponsored this trip, Manuela (who let me go) and Andreas, who backup'd me for this week in Krefeld. Many many thanks to you !

This must be the proof, that Duncan's career started in the NBA, before Oracle found him (I'm 6'7"):

PS: If you wonder, why I don't name the new features by name or describe, which functionality they have. Please excuse for that, but I had to sign many Documents at Oracle, which don't allow that.


Anonymous said...

so so und bei mir bedankst du dich nicht !?



Gerd Volberg said...

and last but not least greetings to Björn who spent the same five days in Redwood Shores and tested the new Admin Tools of OAS, the HA and some more stuff

Anonymous said...

your friend seems manute bol's white brother.

Gerd Volberg said...

:-) It took a minute to find, who manute bol is: