May 17, 2012

Future of Oracle Forms conference, part 2

While Lucas Jellema was presenting his keynote, he had a time slot for Grant Ronald, live from UK via skype.

Grant told us about how we should develop in forms today, how to migrate today to Forms 11 and Forms 12 in the future. One sentence was very clear: "There are no plans to desupport Oracle Forms".

In the next presentation Francois Degrelle spoke about "Modernizing Forms using Pluggable Java Components and the Forms Look and Feel project".

He started with "Why should we use Java Beans in our Forms"

He demonstrated interesting java beans like a java calendar, a html browser, a Swing JTable integration and many more.

Important for him was the extensibility of Forms using the whole world of Java integrated in Beans.

In the second part he spoke about his open-source framework "Forms Look and Feel" and the convenience to use it in Forms.

Here is the link to the framework

to be continued

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