May 19, 2012

Future of Oracle Forms conference, part 4

Wilfred van der Deijl presented "Partial and or Gradual migration by embedding existing Forms in new UI technology".

Because Oracle didn't offer a migration solution from Oracle Forms to ADF, Wilfred showed a technique to integrate existing forms applications into a new ADF application. He called it OraFormsFaces, a framework, which allows him creating hybrid applications. The non-forms part must not be ADF, so you can use other web technologies too.

This hybrid way can be used to slightly move from forms to another technology, without having Big Bangs.

In the last presentation Steven Davelaar spoke about "JHeadstart: Real world experiences for migrating Forms to ADF"

JHeadstart is a JDeveloper extension for template based working in ADF. Best practices can be used out of the box.

Stevens presentation was the last one from the General Session Part.

After a short break the "Parallel Break-Out sessions" began. In parallel sessions 3 speaker had their own room and 45 minutes to present more information about the own topic.

At 5pm the day ends with the big speaker panel.

Here we all had the chance to discuss with the speaker about forms modernization and their presentations.

The night-sessions started at 7pm. Six parallel hands-on sessions could be visited. The speakers had VMwares for the participants, so that they could test in their own environment.

At 9:30 the conference ended.

All relevant links can be found here

At that point I have to say many thanks to AMIS, all the speakers and the host Lucas Jellema. They did a great job on the conference with 89 participants.

Many thanks

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