May 18, 2012

Future of Oracle Forms conference, part 3

Mia Urman started with the next presentation: "To infinity and beyond: Extend the life of your Oracle Forms application by running your existing Forms from next generation technologies/platforms without migration"

She demonstrated "next generation forms" with oraplayer. A tool, which recreates a form into a mobile version.

In the first step OraPlayer records a forms business scenario.

Then you publish it to the web. In the last step you create an UI in the technology of your choice.

While you playback the scenario you work and interact with a running forms-runtime in the background.

The presentation of Madi Serban showed the co-existence of Forms, ADF and APEX applications. It started with the question "Should we stay or should we go?" and went to redesigning applications using the Pitss-tool.

The presentation, that came next, was "Yo!Forms" from Oliver Tickell and Don Smith.

Yo!Forms is a tool, that can run forms-fmx in the web without java-plugin in pure html and javascript.

I took a photo of a live-presentation, where I could use the safari-browser of my iPhone to start a forms-runtime and work with the forms like if it were running in a JVM

The betatest of Yo!Forms is starting this year, as I heard.

to be continued

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