August 19, 2011

Result of the 2011 Oracle Forms poll - part 2

Question 1: With which forms-version did you work today?

Nearly 40% of all customers are working with the good old Forms 6i Client/Server. They love their Client/Server and don't want to go to the expensive web-servers of Forms 10g and 11g.

Less than 10% are working with the new Weblogic Server and Forms 11g. That's quite few. I hope I get more infos about that topic, when I start the next poll in 2012.

To be continued with Question 2: Since how many years did you work with Forms?

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Gary Myers said...

For many people Forms did die with 6i because they were left without a practical upgrade path.

Did you ask how many would upgrade Forms 6i to a current version if licensing costs weren't any issue ?

Gerd Volberg said...

I did ask the upgrade topic in question 3 :-)