August 30, 2011

Result of the 2011 Oracle Forms poll - part 9


When I take a look at the poll results, I recognize as a major concern for many users, the fear of an uncertain future. Oracle should give a clear commitment to Forms and combat this insecurity so active.

There is a big risk that the majority of those who went away from Oracle Forms and go to .NET. That was not aware before my survey and is one of the biggest surprises for me in this poll. This product-change will have far-reaching consequences. Anyone who has tried .NET, perhaps thinks in a second step, that Microsoft SQL Server might be a good alternative to the Oracle database. In this way, Oracle not only loses its loyal customers in the forms front-end, but also in the core business.

I conclude this article with the knowledge that we must have no fear in the next 10-15 years with our good old Oracle Forms! I look forward to 2012 to participate in the beta testing of Forms 12, if Oracle starts a new big betatest campground in Redwood Shores as in 2007.

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Grant Ronald said...

Gerd, I'm glad to see we still have a large number of customers who are happy and are staying with Forms. We have a number of events at OW, DOAG, UKOUG etc talking about Forms; many of the points you make are covered in those presentations. Of course, anything specific I can clarify please email me and I'm happy to do so.
Grant ronald