August 29, 2011

Result of the 2011 Oracle Forms poll - part 8

What will the future bring?

What is the roadmap of Oracle Forms? All features that are mentioned below, are subject to Oracle's safe harbour statement

In other words, we may look forward to most features with reasonable certainty. If one of them now should not be installed, it will (hopefully) in the next version.

New Features Forms 11g Release 2:
- Integration of the forms runtime in Oracle Access Management - an alternative Single Sign On
- Easier and better installation of Forms 11g on the Web Logic Server

New Features Forms 12:
- Oracle Real-User-Experience-Integration for better testing environment
- Enhancements in the Forms Builder
- Better integration in the Oracle Enterprise Manager
- Better support of new OS versions (32+64 bit)

To be continued with the summary

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poelger said...

Interesting information...
Is there an official source for these features?

Gerd Volberg said...

All these rumors are more substantial, than all the rumors you heard about the iPhone 5 :-)

ok, seriously: These six features for 11gR2 and 12(g) are heard in the last year. I'll post the links and official sources in that second when it is more than a rumor.

Steven Declercq said...

Making Forms capable to develop the same GUI like in .net, java or javascript should be really great, and should make Forms more robust again the very "sexy" looking java-, javascript and .net applications.