August 26, 2011

Result of the 2011 Oracle Forms poll - part 7

Question 6: Which new Features did you wish for Forms 12?

Most named topics were:

- reintroduction Client/Server
- integration of a modern pl/sql editor
-- with auto-suggest, formatter and code completion
-- enhanced syntax highlighting
- integration of pl/sql-refactoring
- easier installation
- forms-blocks build on data grids
-- access to all records at the same time
-- switching columns
-- increase and decrease column width
- better integration of reports and java beans
- creating objects at runtime
- drag and drop
- zooming formlayout

To be continued with What will the future bring?

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rafher said...

When are this wonderful features?
Any date?

Gerd Volberg said...

nobody knows a date. We all hope, that the beta starts in 2012 !